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Rainbow Smiles Nursery in Weston Super Mare

At Rainbow Smiles we create a friendly homely environment for your child with lots of opportunities to learn through play, encouraging their unique personality to shine by nurturing their curiosity and enthusiasm. Your child’s imagination is key to their development as they explore, experiment and learn, our role is to help foster their creativity in a safe and secure learning environment.

We are members of the National Day Nursery Association and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which sets standards for the learning, development and childcare of babies and children from birth to 5 years old. We have a “Good” Ofsted rating in all areas of the nursery.

Located in a spacious Victorian House in Weston Super Mare close to Uphill and just around the corner from Clarence Park, Uphill beach and Weston Super Mare beach. We support local parents with the chance to balance family and work responsibilities with a minimum of tension and maximum stability while giving your child the highest quality of nursery daycare in Weston super Mare.

Our qualified team of DBS checked staff have a combined 55 years of early childhood teaching experience. They include qualified Early Years teachers, degree and Level 3 qualified staff. We work in partnership with Weston College to provide our childcare apprentices who are passionate about your child’s progress and development.

We offer your child the scope to acquire skills, learn to communicate, gain confidence and most of all to have fun. We present a wide range of activities which promote your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills as well as language development. These skills will be developed through both organised and child-initiated play which stimulates initiative and imagination.

At Rainbow Smiles, we believe that parents and guardians play a vital role alongside us in giving your child the best start to their development and education. We regularly record your child’s progress and development and use this information to inform our planning to help your child develop across all areas of learning. Parents can log in to our online tracking system to see what experiences your child is having at the nursery.

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Curiosity approach

The Curiosity Approach

Rainbow Smiles uses The Curiosity Approach, an ethos which has curiosity, wonder and awe at its heart. We are working towards gaining recognition for The Curiosity Approach to Early Years education which brings together elements of Reggio, Steiner, Te Whãriki and Montessori.

Our approach focuses on your child’s individuality and encourages their curiosity through our nursery environment as well as the carefully thought out resource we provide. Babies are free to explore by crawling and walking to find things that they want to play with. Toddlers and older children enjoy looking at books, naming animals, listening to familiar stories and playing with their friends.

Our nursery should be a familiar, natural environment, a home from home where your child can feel comfortable and thrive. We encourage your child to explore using open-ended resources such as sand, wooden blocks, play dough, treasure boxes and paint. Open-ended materials leave room for imaginations to blossom, they have also been shown to improve language skills, problem-solving and self-esteem.

Nursery & Childcare Facilities

Baby Room

The baby room is for babies from birth to 2 years old. It is a calm, comforting room where babies can explore, learn and develop. We have a relaxing area for sleeping at one end of the room separated from the rest of the room which is full of natural resources to explore. A high ratio of staff allows us to give babies the individual attention that they need, always providing reassurance and making them feel safe and secure.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room is for 2 to 3-year-olds. It is a large open plan space with a range of resources designed to develop and learn about the world they are growing up in. The toddler room has everything your child needs to be creative, solve problems, have fun with friends and learn through play.

Pre-school Room

The preschool room is for 3 and 4-year-olds. The room is designed as a free-flow environment which allows children to independently move between different indoor and outdoor areas. The room is set up to provide a richer learning experience for the children, helping them become more independent and set their own rules, improve decision-making skills and build stronger relationships.

Baby playing with wooden blocks
Forest School kids on weston beach

Outdoor Play

The outdoor environment is constantly changing day to day with the weather and over time with the seasons. That’s why it’s so important for children to have a garden to play in where they have plenty of space to share and be sociable with other children as well as lots of interesting areas which they can choose to move between. Our lovely garden is filled with loose parts play things including tyres, bamboo canes and blocks that encourage children to interact and build connections. Children can also enjoy playing in the mud kitchen and the construction area for digging and building. We have converted our front garden into a vegetable garden where children learn about growing and harvesting their own food.

Down at the Beach
Children love exploring and the beach has got to be one of the most exciting places to let their imagination run wild, with it being just at the end of our road we are so lucky! Children learn about the marine environment and the beauty of the seaside flora and fauna. The aim is to take kids outside so that can have fun, play games, build relationships and learn in a totally different natural environment.

Children learn about the natural world around them and develop their practical, emotional and intellectual skills and the best part is….. it’s at the seaside! At Uphill beach there are a multitude of activities that inspire and excite the children and they naturally get involved with, some of which include, make markings in the sand, making sandcastles, searching for treasure on the shoreline, den building and free exploration.

Meet Our Nursery Team

Our managers have incredibly high standards and a clear vision of what local families want from a successful nursery. Our staff are highly qualified, motivated with a real passion for being early years educators. As a result, children make excellent progress in their learning and development which prepares them extremely well when they are ready to move up through the nursery and future learning at school.

Everyone who works at Rainbow Smiles receives training in essential childcare skills including Safeguarding Children, Health & Safety and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as well as providing further CPD with a wide range of training options for all staff. The staff plan activities that cover a broad and balanced curriculum within a range of opportunities.

Our team build excellent relationships with parents and guardians, encouraging you to play a vital role alongside us in your child’s learning and development. Our team are always happy to discuss your child’s development. We constantly assess the children and use this information to inform our planning to help your child develop across all areas of learning.

children playing with bubbles
Nursery Garden

Settling In

Starting nursery is really beneficial for your child and for your family. However, it is important to recognise that when your child starts nursery the change can be difficult for you and your child. Our experienced team ensure that it is a smooth transition. We'll help your child get used to the new environment so that they feel familiar with their new surroundings and our team. We quickly establish routines to make them feel safe and comfortable.

The settling in period is designed to bridge the gap between being at home and regularly spending time at nursery. We can start with a short introduction followed by more extended periods so that your child becomes used to Rainbow Smiles, their key staff member and the other children. Our approach is completely flexible to take into account you and your child's personal circumstances. We understand that every child is different and that settling in is really important part of making your child's time with us happy and enjoyable.


We provide breakfast, lunch, tea, morning and afternoon snacks. Pre-school children are developing faster than at any other time in their lives, therefore their diets require the right kind of tasty nutritious food to encourage healthy growth. This means they need good carbohydrates to give them energy, protein to build their bodies and essential vitamins and minerals for healthy bones and teeth. To embrace all these needs Rainbow Smiles have developed unique fully nutritional menus carefully prepared in house by our catering staff.

At mealtimes, staff sit with the children to encourage quiet conversation which makes them a social and happy time and helps promote good eating habits.


Funded Nursery Entitlement As a working parent, you may be eligible for help with nursery fees from the local authority, North Somerset Council. All 3 and 4-year-olds are entitled to 570 hours per year which works out at 15 hours a week over 38 weeks. Eligibility starts in the term following your child’s third birthday. Some 2-year-olds are also eligible for funding, fill out the assessment on the North East Somerset Council website to see if your child qualifies for an eligibility voucher.

Tax-Free Childcare The Government provides a scheme whereby all working families get £2 from the Government for every £8 they pay into the scheme (up to £2000 per child). This can be used to pay for childcare and can be used in addition to your funded nursery entitlement.

Childcare Vouchers We accept childcare vouchers from all major childcare voucher providers.

Partner schools

We have good relationships with local primary schools. We work closely with the local schools in Weston to ensure there is a seamless transition from preschool to school. These include

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What Parents Say About Rainbow Smiles

"We are so glad to have found Rainbow Smiles. Our little boy is so happy and has such a great time. The outdoor space, creative crafts and activities are super not to mention the fab menu choices. Would highly recommend!"

"Both my boys have really enjoyed their years at Rainbow Smiles. It was recommended to me and I have recommended it to many friends also. The flexibility is rare and has suited me for the 7 years I have been sending my children there. Staff are all friendly and loved by the kids too."

Rainbow Smiles provides childcare in Weston super Mare from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday except for public bank holidays.

We operate 51 weeks a year closing only for Christmas week.

Our full-day sessions: 8am - 6pm

Our half-day sessions: either 8am - 1pm or 1pm - 6pm